Ignacy Bator (1916–1944) – jeden z cichociemnych

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Piotr Stanek


Ignacy Bator (1916-1944), nom de guerre “Opór” (“Resistance”) was a lieutenant of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain, participant in the Warsaw Uprising, one of the 316 Silent and Unseen - special paratroopers of the Home Army. In 1939, he took part in the defense of Poland, then he reached France, where he joined the Polish Armed Forces in the West. In 1940, he made his way to Great Britain, where he served in the air force as a shooter-radio operator in No. 301 Polish Bomber Squadron and No. 138 (Special Duties) Squadron RAF. In 1942, he volunteered to serve in the Home Army in occupied Poland. After training, he was dropped to Poland on the night of January 25/26, 1943. He served in the radio communication structures of the Home Army
Headquarters. As a radio operator of the Home Army, he took part in the Warsaw Uprising, during which he died in August 1944. He has been awarded many times for his service by Polish and British military decorations, incl. with the Silver Cross of the Order of Virtuti Militari, four times with the Cross of Valor, with the “Distinguished Flying Cross” and others.

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Stanek, P. (2023). Ignacy Bator (1916–1944) – jeden z cichociemnych. Res Gestae, 15, 120–131. https://doi.org/10.24917/24504475.15.9