Pierwsze lata dziennikarskiej działalności Klaudiusza Hrabyka (1914–1926)

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Ewa Bałuszyńska ‑Belica


The article analyzes the first years of Klaudiusz Hrabyk’s journalistic activity, which was a prelude to his further professional work. The paper presents the journalist’s school years, during which he made his first editing attempts. Then, the period of studies during which Hrabyk established contact with youth organizations such as the National Association of All -Polish Youth and All-Polish Youth is presented. His cooperation with the National Democratic Party activists opened the door to the National Democratic Press. The articles published by the journalist in various types of press were analyzed, including Goniec Krakowski, Myśl Narodowa and Głos Narodu.

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Bałuszyńska ‑Belica, E. (2023). Pierwsze lata dziennikarskiej działalności Klaudiusza Hrabyka (1914–1926). Res Gestae, 15, 92–104. https://doi.org/10.24917/24504475.15.7